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  1. Download the application form

  2. Save to our desktop

  3. Completely fill out the form.

  4. Save 

  5. Go to

  6. Upload completed form

  7. Click on +add file button for each document to upload seperately. 

  8. Once all documents have been uploaded, click on  Submit ALL to complete the process. 

  9. Allow up to 5 seconds to receive a message stating your documents have been uploaded.

  10. DCBIPS will contact you.


*NOTE: Each supporting document MUST be uploaded separately in the individual +upload document buttons below.


If you require assistance or have questions, please submit the contact form in the Contact section and DCBIPS will help you.

Thank you!

Thank you, your file has been  uploaded.

Your file cannot be uploaded. Please try again.

Your content has been submitted

Your content has been submitted

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