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Bringing our hidden heritage to light.

Our hidden heritage is who we are, and Delap’s Cove Black Indian Pioneer Society is proud to be the Black Mi’kmaq of the tribe of Medabankeajetc. The ONLY Black Mi’kmaq tribe in ALL of Canada; also known as disappearing Indians-Black Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia.


We want to bring awareness to the identity of Indigenous people throughout the northeastern region of North America.  Many of which, the British and American Government has inappropriately named and reclassified as Negro, African American/Canadian, Black, Mullatto and as Colored in their attempt to eliminate us through paper genocide. The more we allow and accept their false narratives, we lose our rights and freedoms as Indigenous peoples. We are the descendants of the tribe of Medabankeajetc of Delaps Cove Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

Our ancestors  who were PANIS indigenous people, intermarried with the Mi’kmaq Nation of Medabankeajetc. This coined the phrase “Black Mi’kmaq” also known as the :Slave Indians”. Our shared cultures lived on these lands for well over 200 years, and we still retain the title to the lands.

We live by the seventh-generation principle from our ancestral homeland Turtle Island. Even though, the British and American Government tried to erase us from historical accounts, we are still here. Our seed is at the heart of Colonialism of the Americas.

Our oral stories tell us of our history in Turtle Island. Our ancestors are from the Wabanaki Confederacy who spoke the Algonquin language. They resided throughout the Island but controlled lands from Fort Louisburg to the Mississippi Valley. Their means of travel was by foot and had vast trade routes through waterways.  Their culture was practiced throughout the Americas with their spirituality and cultural beliefs in the creator of all things.

The founding fathers written statements and oral accounts tell us that our ancestors originated from the Wabanaki and Woodland Nations in North and South America, Canada, USA and Mexico through trade and intermarriage amongst the Mi'kmaq, Beothuk, and other nations as far as South America.

They were present at the signing of the Great Law Of Peace and  put forth a clause so that their seed can once again return as the original inhabitants of the lands.


Written in the Royal Proclamation, Treaty of Niacin and the Covenant Chain and many other treaties that as PANIS Indigenous People who intermarried  with the Mi’kmaq Nation. 


We have the right to return to our culture and way of life and shall return to our ancestral lands that our Ancestors once occupied before the scalping’s, killings, rape, reclassification, and genocides that took place before colonial rule. Our Culture is fragmented as a result of the acts written in the Negro act of 1740, Indian Act, Residential Schools, Poor House laws, Elizabethan laws and so forth. It cannot be overlooked as to how in history, Churches and many Indian Agents  as well as  Walter Pleckler and the  Honorable William Bull, who played a key role in the decimation and reclassification of our people.


Our goal is to bring back our ancestral teachings, language, culture, and way of life to our people to instill our pride for our heritage and ensure economic opportunities for our people and future generations to come.


We, the Black Mi'kmaq of the tribe of Medabankeajetc , are the only Black Mi'kmaq tribe in all of Canada.  We are also known as the Disappearing Indians-Black Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia. 


"We are the voice for our ancestors from the past, the present and the future."

DCBIPS are the warriors and the advocates for the Tribe of Medabankeajetc.

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